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Kvaser offers a complete family of bus interfaces and data loggers for CAN (Controller Area Network) and related networking technologies. Catering to distributed embedded control systems in each and every sector, we have a wide product range that encompasses several different platforms, including wireless, USB, PCMCIA, PCI, PCI Express and PC/104-plus.

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Kvaser's high quality, easy to use hardware interfaces can be used throughout the product cycle, for development, simulation, test and maintenance of CAN networks and related technologies such as LIN and J1587. Whichever of their products you choose - the popular Kvaser Leaf range of USB interfaces for CAN, the Kvaser Memorator family of CAN data loggers, the Kvaser Blackbird WLAN/CAN interface or Kvaser LAPcan dual channel CAN interfaces, for example - all are designed to perform at their optimum in industrial or automotive temperature ranges, whilst some are specially ruggedised to withstand the most hostile of environments.


Kvaser offer third party software for analysis, simulation, calibration, debug and more through IDX. All of Kvaser's hardware works with the same easy-to-use Kvaser CANlib applications programming interface (API). This has virtual hardware that simulates the real hardware, so developers can download the software and start developing around any Kvaser interface right away. Best of all, CANlib is free!