Presented by the Profibus Competence Centre of South Africa, PROCENTEC Product training helps you to get the best out of your PROFBUS Monitoring and Testing systems from PROCENTEC.

COMbricks Training

IDX believes in empowering its clients in being able to use and configure the devices it sells. COMbricks is a very easy and intuitive device to set up. None the less, if you are still new to PROFIBUS or PROFINET or would like some direction from an expert in how to use COMbricks or if you are thinking of purchasing COMbricks and would like to discover its potential, they why not register for one of our free courses.

COMbricks training falls under PROCENTEC training and forms the second module (afternoon session) of a PROCENTEC Product training day. The first module consists of training on ProfiTrace. Students have the option of attending both or one of the courses. If you feel that you are already comfortable with ProfiTrace, then you need only to come on the afternoon COMbricks course.

In the course students will discover what the possible applications of COMbricks are - where it can be used in PROFIBUS DP, PROFIBUS PA and PROFINET, as a remote monitoring tool, a repeater, a coupler, a redundancy mechanism or an alarming tool. Addional topics include intergration into fibre optics, relays and digital IO and device secific tips and tricks (firmware upgrades, factory resets, etc).


ProfiTrace Training

Profitrace trainingThis free training is fully concentrated on ProfiTrace 2. The main goal is to master the ProfiTrace platform to be able to quickly identify; what is a good and what is a bad network?

In a full day the participants will learn how to use ProfiTrace in order to analyse, localise and solve PROFIBUS faults. With a hands-on approach the participants will put theory into practice.
Theory subjects:
  • Structure of the ProfiTrace software
  • Structure of the ProfiCore Ultra and PA Probe hardware
  • Contents of the Troubleshooting Toolkits
  • Software installation procedure and upgrades
  • License structure
  • Connecting the ProfiCore to a DP and PA network
  • Live List (colours, ident numbers, names)
  • The definition of statistics (retries, syncs, lost, etc.
  • Measurement principle of the Bar graph and the Topology scan
  • DP and PA oscilloscope (termination problems, short circuits, noise, AC/DC)
  • Network manager
Practical exercises:
  • Installing the software
  • Installing a license
  • Installing GSD files
  • Live List
  • Statistics

Message recording

  • Recording messages
  • Triggering, capturing and filtering
  • Saving and exchanging files

Signal analysis

  • Oscilloscope and Bar graph
  • Generating reports


  • Generating the network topology (passive- and running installation)
  • I/O and device testing with ProfiCaptain (passive- and running installation)