Certified PROFINET Engineers

The following list contains the PROFINET engineers that have come through the PROFIBUS/PROFINET Competance Centre of South Africa:


Name Company Registration Number Date
Jonathan Temlett  IDX  PNCE-RSA-00001 *  2009-06-08 (2012-06-13)
Brendan Gunn  IDX  PNCE-RSA-00002 *  2009-06-08 (2012-06-13)
Michael Garnham  IDX  PNCE-RSA-00003  2012-06-13
Filip Paluncic  IDX  PNCE-RSA-00004  2012-06-13
Bruce Bean  IDX  PNCE-RSA-00005  2012-06-13
Ryan Coetzee  IDX  PNCE-RSA-00006  2012-07-27
Dirk Beier  Siemens SA  PNCE-RSA-00007  2012-07-27
Marc van Eeckhoven  Siemens SA  PNCE-RSA-00008  2012-07-27
Julien Appanna Sasol  PNCE-RSA-00009  2013-11-22

 * Did certification at an external PCC and renewed at a later date at the PCC in South Africa