Netbiter WS

Netbiter WS series

The NetbiterĀ® WS100 and WS200 is a series of communication gateways that gives full access to remote devices in a flexible and user friendly way. The gateways contain on board web pages to remotely monitor and control devices connected to an Ethernet

The gateways also contain built-in features for alarm handling, data logging and configurable web pages for monitoring and control data from remote devices. 

WS Series - Ideal for remote management of Ethernet/LAN based equipment
The NetbiterĀ® WS100 and WS200 communication gateways enable remote management of industrial equipment from any standard web browser. The WS series contains on-board configurable web pages that can easily be configured with the many pre-made modbus templates

Netbiter WS gateways connect to any equipment which supports serial Modbus-RTU and Ethernet Modbus-TCP equipment. The WS range is especially suited for equipment that needs to be accessed via LAN applications.

The Netbiter WS100 and WS200 both have support for remote connection over Ethernet, GSM/GPRS, as well as through external telephone modems and GPS tracking devices.

Data logging
Data logging to onboard FLASH and web based visualization of historical data on trend graphs. Useful to detect early warnings of malfunctioning equipment.
The parameters to be logged can easily be selected by the user on the built-in web pages in the gateway.
Alarm management
Alarms and events can easily be configured on the web pages to be sent by email, SMS, SNMP and Modbus TCP. Configuration of alarm conditions and whom to send the alarm is configured through the onboard web pages. All events are stored in an alarm list.
Local Web based data access
The WS100 gives the user the possibility to easily read and write data to the remote equipment. Through a Modbus device template system the configuration is easy and the user can choose what data to appear on the on board web pages.