Netbiter EasyConnect

Netbiter EasyConnect - Remote gateways with the Netbiter Argos integrationAdd

The Netbiter EasyConnectâ„¢ are small robust, remote communication gateways designed to get your industrial equipment and installations online fast! The gateways are designed for industrial applications and are available with GSM/GPRS wireless access or Ethernet communication.

Automatic integration with the Netbiter Argos data center ensures easy web based management of all your remote sites.

Up and running in no-time

Wherever your field equipment is located, just simply connect it to an EasyConnect gateway and your you will start to recieve data instantly from your field equipment via the Netbiter Argos data center.

The plug and play feature makes it possible to perform large scale installations quickly without being an IT/Mobile network expert. Simplicity is the key and this is what the Netbiter EasyConnect gateways are about.


Breakthrough technology
Netbiter EasyConnect gateways offer unique technology for secure access to your industrial equipment behind firewalls and via mobile GSM/GPRS based communication networks.
They eliminate the need for public and fixed IP address, VPN tunnels and expesive M2M specifc SIM cards.

Fast deployment
With IT issues our of the way, Netbiter EasyConnect ensure your devices and equipment are connected quickly and without hassles. Below are some features that get you online fast:

Device Templates
Using the pre-made manaufacturer device templates can significantly speed up your installation and help to eliminate configuration errors.There are pre-made templates for many OEM manufacturers equipment especially within the genset industry. They can be downloaded from the support section.

Auto web pages (Dashboards)
Ready made web page dashboards for solutions such as Power generators, Water/Waste water management, Base Stations, Buidling and HVAC, Energy metering and Renewable Energy help you design your site layout fast and easily. You can fully customize these dashboards to suit your own individual requirements.