The PROFIBUS DP Repeater range from PROCENTEC tackles technological limitations of existing repeaters. They offer a variety of compact and easy to use single and multi-channel repeaters that comply with the requirements of the demanding modern industry.

The advanced 12 Mbps core of the B1 (shown on the left) means that it can be cascaded without limitations! It is always increasing the RS 485 signal strength and the data is constantly monitored for glitches which are digitally filtered out.

The redundant power supply enables applications where high availability is required.

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The well-known ProfiHub family is a collection of multi-channel PROFIBUS DP network components to create reliable star/tree networks and long multi-device spur lines. They are deployed in many applications worldwide and available in different varieties to comply with the requirements of the end-user. 

ProfiHubs are equipped with galvanic isolated transparent repeaters. Behind each repeater a segment is created that is able to handle 31 devices with a cable length equal to the main bus. Each repeater blocks short circuits and other bus problems. 

The ProfiSwitch is also able to customize the baudrate on each channel. 

PROFIBUS Active Terminators

Use best practices in PROFIBUS network installation by including an active terminator at the end of your line. This is a critical component to greatly improve the reliability and availabilty of your network!


PROFIBUS Connectors

The 180 degree connector is perfect for those situations where you need to connect to a PROFIBUS device that has limited space. Click here to find out about our other PROFIBUS connector offerings, 



The ProfiSwitch X5 outclasses all existing repeaters and hubs in the PROFIBUS market. The transparent hub has the ability to create baudrate customization per channel. A simple rotary switch opens doors to a new landscape with reliable and money saving applications.Normally, the transmission speed is fixed and becomes an obstacle when PROFIBUS segments require their individual speed setting because of design requirements or bug fixing.