S5 Hardware and Software

Accon pg  
ACCON-PG is a proven S5 programming system for all controllers from AG 90 to AG 155U. The programming languages AWL, KOP and FUP are supported.
ACCON-S5-LAN is a connection adaptor between a PC and a S5 controller via TCP/IP. The voltage feed is effected by the PLC’s interface, so an external supply feed is not necessary.

S5 Adaptor with a USB connection, can connect an s5 PLC to a PC, external power supply is not necessary.

Perfect for field use as a programming cable.


The Pro when it comes to connecting and programming an S5 PLC.

Utilising a TCp/IP port, it is fed by the PLC's Interface therefor an external power supply is not necessary. Use The ACCON-S5-LAN for Programmibng, Visualizations and accessing PLC data