IDX Services"IDX specialises in solving the complex data integration problems that exist in industry."

Starting out as software interfacing specialists we now offer services right across the full scope of communication in industry from the ERP, MES and Performance Monitoring integration solutions right down to serial fieldbus networks used to connect process control systems to field devices.

Real-time Industrial Data Communications

We understand the industrial requirements for relevant, accurate and timely data especially in real-time applications. Our solutions also aim to minimise system configuration and maintenance effort while maximising uptime and transparency in a changing environment.


MIS, MES, Reporting & Alerting

The importance of retrieving relevant data sorting, processing and displaying it in an accessible way. Has become increasingly important in distributed manufacturing companies. Using Sharepoint and MS Office Shared Services combined with our thorough knowledge of industry, real-time data communications, management and storage we are able to help customers prioritise and display data.


Legacy and Custom System Connections

Rapid technological advances mean industrial companies must continuously upgrade and install new systems to improve productivity. However, the complete replacement of working systems is expensive and sometime unnecessary - IDX helps customers integrate their working legacy systems smoothly with advanced modern management and production systems.



At IDX we have more than 30 years experience in solving industrial data communications problems. Our engineers are experienced in a wide range of networking protocols, communication protocols and standard industrial software interfaces (and a great deal of non-standard interfaces too). Further than this we understand the importance real time.

Why are our services necessary?

As the number of systems in any production environment increases so the complexity and management of the communications between those systems grow. Companies spend millions on the implementation of expensive systems which in many cases are hampered by poor implementation of the interfaces that connect these systems to their critical data sources. Changes in one system are not mirrored in dependant systems and sometimes over subscribed systems cease to function all together. Poorly constructed, custom-developed interfaces soon become unmanageable and unmaintainable.

While system providers tend to be experts in their own systems they seldom understand connecting to any but a small subset of common other industrial systems. IDX specialises in being the glue that links these pockets of expertise to produce robust efficient connectivity solutions that don't just pass data they solve the complex real world problems of change management, data validation, unit conversion, single point management, system implementation abstraction and vertical transparency.

Data connectivity solutions that work!

Our commitment

Our commitment to our clients is always to provide clear easy to understand evaluation of the available options as well as recommendations on the best solution to their communication challenges.

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